VMFS Data Recovery Software is To Be Released

VMFS has an automated file system with a hierarchical directory structure, optimized for virtual machines in a clustered environment. It has locked management and distributed logical volume management to across multiple partitions and dynamically expand data stores, the system can quickly restore the entire virtual machine state in a single directory. VMFS has automatic and … Continue reading “VMFS Data Recovery Software is To Be Released”

RecoveryRus is Releasing NetAPP Data Recovery Software

As RecoveryRus researches deeper into NETAPP, we have made great progress on RAID4 and RAID DP based WAFL storage recoveries. We can now extract files under NAS and SAN systems, then we have NETAPP that supports AID4,RAID DP,NAS,SAN, deleted Vol, deleted LUN. WAFL file system has 3 meta-data files: 1.inde file – contains the inodes … Continue reading “RecoveryRus is Releasing NetAPP Data Recovery Software”

RecoveryRus is Releasing Data Recovery Software For Qnx

The QNX4 file system is the default operating system for QNX Neutrion, which uses the same disk structure as the QNX4 file system, provided by, and is automatically loaded when using the devc- * load QNX4 file system. It uses extent-based, with fingerprint bitmap allocation, effectively preventing data loss, and easier to recover. POSIX … Continue reading “RecoveryRus is Releasing Data Recovery Software For Qnx”

RecoveryRus is Releasing Its Unique Platter Holder Smart

RecoveryRus has decided to release this unique platter holder to the world to help all clean room data recovery engineers during their platter swap cases. HDD Platter Holder Smart is like one helping hand during platter swap, it supports both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drive platters. When engineers are trying to swap multiple platters, it … Continue reading “RecoveryRus is Releasing Its Unique Platter Holder Smart”

RecoveryRus is Releasing its Unique Smart Hard Drive Platter Exchanger

Physical data recovery case is very common case in most data recovery labs, this kind of case is mostly from 2.5″ hard drives in laptop or directly external portable hard drives. Sometimes it is a must to swap the platters to recover lost data. For example, when the hard drive spindle motor is dead or … Continue reading “RecoveryRus is Releasing its Unique Smart Hard Drive Platter Exchanger”

RecoverRus International Sales Website is Online

RecoveryRus is one very famous data recovery service supplier from Zhongshan, China and we had held many major data recovery seminars in many cities of China to discuss and show the latest data recovery technologies. From now on, RecoveryRus has decided to set up this international sales website to show, sell and support our latest … Continue reading “RecoverRus International Sales Website is Online”