Super PC USB COM Terminal Suite 3 for PC3000 UDMA


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Super PC USB COM Terminal Suite 3 is one specially designed new generation COM suite for PC3000 UDMA with high quality.

Super PC USB COM Terminal Suite 3 contains the following items:

item 01: USB2.0 cable

item 02: PC-USB terminal adapter 3 and jumper
Support baud rate up to 6M, voltage switchable among 3.3V 2.5V 1.8V by jumper, very important for new hdd and SSD.

Special Chip side protection:

item 03: COM Connector Suite
Contains 9 COM Connectors: Seagate 2.5 COM Connecto, Seagate 3.5 COM Connector, Samsung 2.5 COM Connector, Samsung 3.5 COM Connector, Toshiba 2.5 COM Connector, Toshiba 3.5 COM Connector, Fujitsu 2.5 COM Connector, Quantum 3.5 COM Connector and WD USB COM Connector
Plus good news: WD USB COM Connector has sata power in design and Samsung 2.5 COM Connector supports both SATA and USB HDD COM.

With WD USB COM Connector, users can read and write ROM from WD USB HDDs directly without soldering rom chip off.

Samsung USB HDD COM Connection

WD USB HDD COM Connection

item 04: 10-pin CMDs transfer cable


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