WD 2060-800066 2060-800069 Firmware Unlock PCB


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This is one data recovery PCB specially designed to recover lost data from new WD hard drives with PCB number 2060-800066 (SATA) and 2060-800069 (USB). These drives have main chip lock and it’s not possible to read or write the ROM and access to SA by any firmware repair tools.

Now it is possible to recover these drives!

Whether it is 2060-800066 sata PCB or 2060-800069 USB PCB, users can use this data recovery PCB for data recovery purpose.

To use this data recovery PCB, users just need to solder the patient ROM chip off and solder the patient ROM chip on to the donor data recovery PCB and then install the data recovery PCB.

After above PCB and ROM swap, users can access to ROM and SA and repair the firmware corruptions.

Users can use this same data recovery PCB to fix multiple 2060-800066 or 2060-800069 data recovery cases, it depends on users’ chip soldering skills.

If users want to buy multiple pieces, users can contact us for special offer.