RecoveryRus is Releasing Its Unique Platter Holder Smart

RecoveryRus has decided to release this unique platter holder to the world to help all clean room data recovery engineers during their platter swap cases.

HDD Platter Holder Smart is like one helping hand during platter swap, it supports both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drive platters. When engineers are trying to swap multiple platters, it is usually not possible to swap all platters at one time, they need to put the platters in one correct way at one correct place.

Some people use plastic air blower to put the platters, it is ok, but not professional and has a risk of touching the platters. Some people don’t even have methods to put the platters, they just simply remove the platters of good drives and put on the desk, this will destory the good drives at a big chance and increase the cost of donors.

To solve above problems and issues, RecoveryRus designed and manufactured this easy-to-use platter holder so that users can simply put the platters on his holder with our unique platter exchanger. This will definitely help to save donor cost and make the swap process more smooth and successful.